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We should consider a better decorating and furnishing space in order to design a residential interior environment that we live and interact everyday. It demands a more focused expertise and skill set related to structural boundaries, space creation and planning, ergonomics, sustainable interior materials, interior lighting as well as other aspects of the built environment which are focused on the interior scale. HD Contractor Limited is most reliable professional decorators in Auckland.

The decorating and styling the home is fun part, it is all about matching colours, furniture rearranging (buying new pieces or reupholstering old ones), decorating with ornaments and statement pieces, wallpapering and painting, finding lighting and lamps to highlight room features, finding rugs and cushions to pull it all together, and filling walls with artwork. Decorating pulls it all together, using colours to make rooms look brighter or bigger, using wallpaper and artwork to create feature walls, and finding statement pieces to complete the look. 

Grasp the following inspirational ideas for your home decoration

Add Personality to a hall - Hallways and entrances are often neglected spaces and can feel cold and empty. Laying a runner on the floor will immediately add a warm, welcoming touch. Even in a small space, layering is important – interesting wall treatments such as a fabulous wallpaper and key pieces of furniture such as an elegant, slim console that fits the space perfectly will do wonders. 

Outdoor wallpaper - The world of design opportunities are opened up by outdoor and wet wallpaper. You can now turn any dull surface into a focal point whilst keeping the cost down. Offering two systems - both wet and outdoor - these wallpapers are suitable for use around pools, wet areas and the exterior of a building. UV stable, chlorine and detergent-compatible, the wallpaper is custom scaled to your wall size and costs a fraction of what bespoke tiles or exterior cladding. 

Pairing pattern - Don't be afraid to pair different patterns and textures together. In fact, it's encouraged! The trick is to ensure your prints and patterns complement each other. The easiest way to achieve this is to alternate your core colour palette. Ensure you combine a mixture of eye- catching prints with more subtle, or plain alternatives to create balance.

Introduce Artwork – Walls are often neglected,  when it comes to interior. Find a piece of artwork you love and then you can build upon it from there. Whether it is a print, photograph or even a framed tapestry you can pull your colours and textures from the artwork. This will give your space a harmonious flow.

Lighting - One of the most important factors to consider when it comes to creating an inviting home is Lighting. Floor and table lamps are an easy way to create a welcoming ambience, especially when styling hallways, living spaces and bedrooms.

Paneling on walls – Adding wooden wall panels will introduce new character and texture to your home space. Though it might appear costly, there are many budget alternatives that are made from wood. Woods such as fiberboard and OSB are affordable options consumers can go for. The plus point is that paneling can hide wall surfaces. In turn, this will give walls that are not in good condition a new life. 

Use minimum furnishings - It is a good idea to keep only what is essential and functional , since space is limited. Room looks more spacious with less physical items. Yet, minimum furnishings does not imply we only have steel and bricks. Proper amount of delightful decoration is always welcomed since poetry is essential part of life.

Add elements of nature - Simply adding potted plants, floral arrangements brings liveliness to you home and creates a cosy environment. Research shows that indoor plants are also natural air purifiers as they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen that we need! Start with easy-care plants such as mini potted cactus, snake plant and echeverias that do not require constant care.

Use complementary colours – By utilsiing the colour wheel to plan out colour pairings, it could save someone whom is struggling for inspiration. The colour wheel could be used to come up with colour schemes such as complementary schemes, analogous schemes or bolder schemes that could aid in the colour choosing process.

Beyond just a showcase of your tastes, home decorating can also be seen as a way to improve your quality of life. Whether you already have some idea or you’re just getting started , it is better to contact professionals to avoid mistakes that happens during decorating. Decorators in Auckland as well as different interior painters in Auckland are ready to help you out. When you’re ready ,contact us so that we can get started to decorate your home at high potential.

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