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Design & Build Contractors

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. We start every fit-out project by thoroughly understanding your specific requirements. Taking your input and all gathered information into account, our designers will find the ideal design solution that also neutralizes potential problems.


Furthermore, our hands-on approach ensures that all projects are completed within the set deadline and agreed on budgets. Our upper management is involved on a daily basis, working on site and providing their expertise and knowledge.


Clients are always looking to find ways to minimise the construction duration and their exposure to risk, and Design & Build contracts could hold the key. It becomes increasingly more sophisticated, clients are employing different procurement strategies to enable them to not only get in the ground as soon as possible, but also to minimise their exposure to risk. A major source of this risk is the traditional FIDIC contract, which is employed most commonly in the region.


Whilst it is possible to achieve the benefits normally associated with Design & Build through the HD Contractor, the apparent frustration experienced by some of our clients with their existing traditional contracts with main contractors - where architects, engineers or project managers act as the engineer of the contract, indicates that it's rare.Typically it takes an architect and main contractor decades of working together before they reach such efficiency with communication, mutual respect and trust.



Benefits of Design & Build Contractors


There are a plethora of design-build advantages when engaging in a design & build contractor. The following are just some examples:

Consultant and contractor are on the same team - The relationship between the consultant and contractor is altered from adversarial to team focused. This focuses the team on delivering the project not attributing blame. This is one of the main benefits of a design and build company.


The buck stops with the main contractor and their team - This includes but is not limited to the aesthetic, cost and the time for completion. When the same team that designs the project also builds the project, there tends to be much more attention given to the quality of construction information and the cost and the programme (including construction sequence) in the design phase.


Continuity - As the Design & Build team is involved from start to finish there is a deeper and consistent appreciation for the employer’s actual requirements.


Expertise - For Design & Build to work it is critical that not only the team has previous experience but they have also created an organisational structure that can support it and have a proactive, team orientated approach to problem solving. The best Design & Build contractors have individuals within their organisation that are specialists in architecture, structure, MEP (inc. sustainability) and facades from both a design and construction perspective. This allows the main contractor to effectively lead the project from an informed and experienced position, ensuring successful delivery of the project.


Collaboration - Design & Build can reduce the conflict which is often experienced in the industry. With the main contractor bringing the reality of time and cost to the design process from a very early stage, everyone is forced to face a reality that is sometimes reserved for the end of the traditional tender process. By this time all parties lose time and money as costly value engineering exercises are undertaken and the adversarial relationship commences with parties defending their entrenched positions, rather than collaborating to find solutions.


Transparency - As it is a more collaborative process, people more often say what everyone needs to hear, not what they want to hear. This clarity of information allows the project to stay on programme and for the client to make informed decisions at the right time.


 After discussing the various types of benefits of design and build, we will be happy and glad to share with you some design-build project examples. Just contact us and we will be glad to showcase our work.


As a premier building contractor, we work closely with clients to create the right plans and model. Our designers sit with you to discuss all your ideas, with building teams following plans to the letter. From bungalows to large homes with fenced properties, we work as single unit to ensure the project comes out flawlessly.



The team at HD Contractor Limited Associate is well versed with coordinating plans and contractors, making sure our project managers are on top of everything. Organization, efficiency, and professionalism are three things we combine to make sure projects follow design specs and are completed correctly.



When it comes to home additions or remodeling you want to make sure your contractor has a solid reputation and portfolio. With us, you can rest assured that our team can create the right look and plan. From complete historic renovations to single room additions, our team plans out every step and makes certain all the work meets our strict standards.

We also provide handyman services, door repair services, painting services, carpentry services and decoration services in Auckland.