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Gypsum plasterboard

Drywall finishing is a good option for almost any room.

Wallpaper decorators Auckland


Wallpaper is an excellent choice for adding drama and creativity to any room. There are different types of wallpaper, from simple paper, vinyl, fabric or even 3D photo wallpaper. The material is selected depending on the design theme you like for your home.

Wall panel decorators

Wall panels

Paneling is another popular standout design choice. It can be interlocking wood and could be plastic or other materials. Most often, the PVC panels which have variety of patterns and designs, can be found in offices, shopping malls and other commercial establishments.

painting decorators Auckland


Painting is perhaps the most popular version for exterior and interior decoration of building. Due to the wide variety of colors, textures and forms, you can give the room a variety of options for decoration. And you can easily to highlighting a piece of art on a wall by using special tools with distinctive paint color to create the perfect focal point in a room.

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Decorative stone

Decorative stone is a secret weapon for a natural design theme to look great and it able to bring the room originality and to emphasize the status of its hosts. But it is unlikely succeed to apply it on the wall by yourself without the necessary experience, so it is required to refer to specialists. This is perhaps the only negative feature of the material.