home extension Auckland

Type of Home extension in Auckland

Fear to extend the wrong area? Don’t worry, We provide a free consultation with you to find out where to start the extension. Extension house may be troublesome as most of you don’t have experience with extension housing, but it is not scary as you think. All you need to work on is tell us where you want to extend, why you want to extend, how you want your home structure to be like. We will help you to do all the work.

Why you need a home extension?

A Home extension is the best way to work out when you need a bigger area for a big family. A big family will have higher demand in use, no matter the living room, bedroom and especially is the bathroom part. A normal house in NZ has two bathrooms, one is in the master room another is located near the bedroom. It becomes horrible when everyone needs to queue for the shower. Queue for the bathroom longer than the time you spend in the shower.

Also, privacy space is needed when the children grow up and have their bedroom. Don’t live in a crowded house anymore, time to enjoy a better modern lifestyle when everyone in the family gets what they need. Don’t consider selling the house too fast, maybe an extension house could help you solve the problem. Adding more space to your home will also increase the resale value.

What are the Services include the extension home:

Upper-level extension

Building an upper level means you can still get the space that you need, without compromising the backyard or the garden. You still can have the space to do gardening.

Basement extension

The basement gives people an impression it is small, dark. However, we can extend it to becomes from a laundry and rumpus room, through two double bedrooms a bathroom and a sunny second lounge space that flows out onto a spacious back yard. A basement extension is often the perfect space for some additional bedrooms or a rumpus room for teenagers.

Single story extension

The excavation and strengthening costs are not as significant as they are with basement & upper-level additions. You can add on a one-bedroom or master room to get more space when a parent needs to rest, stretch out or spill outdoors. Besides extension in the room, open plan living also could be done. If you wanted an open plan kitchen, extension is the most plan to do so.

Home extension vs buy a new home

There are few things to be considered before you decide to move house or extend it. Firstly look at the location, ask yourself is it worth to go to others place, look at the building, the facilities around you, is it convenient for you after you move.

Secondly, the pricing of the house. check the current house pricing and compare the cost of buying a new hose or extension a home lower.

Listen to your family's idea. When you stay in a place for a long time, you get to know a lot of people around, your neighbours, shop staff around you. A relationship between your family and them, can't be cut down so easy. the extension is the best plan to stay connect with them and get more space you need.

The extension home covers a huge range of work from a simple conservatory extension up to a big 70m2 second-storey extension. The time may be longer than you expected based on your choice, do consult the team to find out the time. Extending in is a great way to obtain more space without having to get council approval. It is also a cheaper option as new foundations don’t need to be laid and the roof can stay where it is.