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Planning your new kitchen design in Auckland

Effective kitchen design is the process of combining layout, appliances, surfaces, and design details to form a cooking space that’s easy to use and fun to cook and socialize in.

Once up on a time kitchen was a hidden-away workspaces, but today it’s not like that. We spend huge amounts of time in kitchen. Not only do they need to offer the preparation and cooking facilities that suit all the home’s occupants, but they must also be stylish space we want to enjoy being in. The world of effective kitchen design is a maze of design ideas, guides, and tips and a seemingly endless stream of expert advice. Where do you begin? To navigate this culinary landscape. From determining your needs to installing your work surfaces, our guide below will help you on your way to designing a dream kitchen that’s every bit as beautiful as it is practical.

Perfecting kitchen design is a exciting job. You need to make all mood boards, order all the paint samples, subscribe to all the magazines, all in the name of research, but there's no denying that it can get a little stressful if you aren't sure what you are doing.

Designing a new kitchen in Auckland can be overwhelming as there are often a lot of decisions to make. From different kitchen materials, conflicting advice and wait times, it can be a lot to digest. Our experienced designers will help you through the entirety of your kitchen project, beginning with the gathering of room measurements, creating your personal kitchen wish-list, and discussing what type of design and materials are likely to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Following are some famous kitchen design ideas in Auckland

1 Brass Accents That Create A New Opulence

This type of kitchen designed with brass elements to make a glamorous statement in your culinary space. These kitchens crafted with Humbert & Poyet, proves to be a shining example with its opulent touches.

2 Style: Go for Tropical Chic 

This type of designs gives a resort style vibe to kitchen. Here natural materials such as rattan, bamboo and light wood are used for designing.

3 Clour: Trending Green

Among the hottest colors for kitchens now are verdant shades that take cues from lush foliage. “It’s fresh and relaxing, and brings the outdoors in,” Dark green is a very versatile color, but do consider the lighting in your space when choosing the shade as this will affect how it ends up looking. For kitchens that are very bright, so suggests avoiding greens with yellow overtones; for darker kitchens, rather than using large amounts of green, can suggests splashes of olive, emerald or forest green on the cabinetry.

4 Material: Granite Dream

Black granite as an accent backsplash to deliver impact in a minimalist kitchen. The use of light wood cabinetry, with its understated look, adds sophistication to the space.

According to your designing plans, we are here to help to design a kitchen like a professional in Auckland. Whatever your budget, and whatever your style, we will make the process as easy as possible.  In this feature, we take you through all the stages, to choosing the best cabinetry, from kitchen planning and finding your ideal kitchen design style, kitchen flooring and more. So, if your current kitchen is outdated and needs a drastic makeover, or if you have a blank canvas to design your new kitchen from scratch, read on for all the kitchen planning advice, design ideas and more that you need.

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