kitchen refurbishment

A full kitchen refurbishment in Auckland

Brand-new fitted kitchen can be an expensive prospect, in that case we offer a fantastic hassle-free alternative. A kitchen refurbishment has become the latest trend in cost saving home improvement rather than a complete re-fitting. By replacing your kitchen doors and drawer fronts, superficial kitchen elements may on the other hand wear out and look dated long before the units, you can achieve an entirely new fitted kitchen but at a fraction of the cost.

Normally kitchen units generally have a long-life span, but you will need to change the kitchen door fronts before the units have come to the end of their life. Occasionally, due to damp the unit under the sink may need changing prematurely, but still, this doesn't require you to change all your units. Kitchen refurbishment frequently entails replacing a few of the kitchen units or adding additional units to increase storage space or to complete an extension so don't let this put you off!

We are passionate in replacing kitchen cupboard doors, which are the main focal point of the kitchen and tend to be the first part to show signs of wear and tear. We will help you to make kitchen refurbishment as simple as possible, we help you keep what’s good and the elements of your kitchen that you’ve grown rather fond of, and just replace those parts that need a breath of fresh air! The results can be impressive and can reinvigorate your kitchen for a just a fraction of the cost of a full remodel.

If you want to make huge difference then simply change the kitchen cupboard doors, but we also offer much more as part of our kitchen refurbishment service. How about a new worktop? A stainless steel sinks. Maybe an additional unit or some shelves to make some much sought-after extra space? Whatever it is, we can fit it, giving any newly refurbished kitchen the ‘wow!’ factor with low cost.  And if you need it done quickly, we offer a five-day express service.

Following are some refurbishment ideas.

1 Upgrading light fixtures

Lighting makes the mood and ambiance for your whole setup. If you want to update your kitchen, looking at your lighting is a great way to go. Modern kitchens may have ambient lighting in addition to extra lighting in the room or above the countertop.

2 Accentuate with curtains

If you live in an area that sees lots of sun spill into your kitchen, you’ll want to get curtains for its windows. Not only can curtains be used visually to tie the colors and theme of your kitchen together, but they can also help to protect your appliances and other possessions from being faded by the sun when you aren’t in the room.

3 Re-decorate with accessories

Adding decorations to your kitchen is a great way to make all the elements of your kitchen come together. You can display your favorite pieces with open shelving or reorganize your countertop so that only your select favorite pieces are displayed.