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Undoubtedly kitchens have become the focal point of every house. A kitchen is more than just a stunning backsplash and gorgeous cabinets. Having a well-designed kitchen brings you convenience, more comfort during cooking time.

For avid cooks, seasoned hosts, and busy families alike, the kitchen is the center of daily life and a place where both beauty and function are more important than ever. Kitchens are not only used for food preparation it also used for entertainment and gathering.

Renovating is an exciting and busy time. Ideas, plans, designs, budgets, architects, builders, and councils are just some of the aspects you will encounter during your renovation. But don’t be put off by it. The result of having your home dramatically transformed into what you wanted is an exhilarating experience, and the sense of achievement is brilliant. It will increase the appeal of your home.

The two main reasons people renovate are:

1. To add to the comfort, use and value of the home.

2. To tidy it up to sell.


It is likely that you’ll want to give the house an inexpensive makeover to freshen it up and make it more attractive to buyers. For example, repainting, repapering, or changing dated or damaged fixtures, such as a cracked basin. You need to consider the tastes of potential buyers. kitchen renovations in Auckland are a large commitment at every level and a larger financial investment than other rooms in the home. It will look expensive can be daunting. But with the right tips and tricks you can achieve your goal without sweating So that it's essential to choose the right finishes and appliances not only for the current homeowner but also for resale value. Execution throughout the project from measuring to installation is equally important. After finished, just one mistake can waste thousands of dollars and weeks onto a renovation. So, planning the best way of kitchen renovation is more important like color of the wall and bright stools, window treatments, art, and other décor, type of flooring is often an afterthought in renovations but that doesn’t mean it should be. Tiling your floor is a great way to enable multiple tones and materials to work together, and choice of appliances etc. Lighting also takes major part in kitchen renovation specific task lights make the space come alive.

*Benefit of Tiling Kitchen Floor

1. Waterproof

2. Easy to clean

3. Durable

4. More Design options


We’ve compiled everything you need to know about renovating your kitchen to make it the best it can be, from finding the right contractor to choosing hardware finishes and floor tiles. Our renovation guide has you covered, whether you’re planning a full kitchen remodel and the lookout for new luxury appliances, or simply looking for some inspiration for your dream space. We've all the kitchen remodel inspiration you could ever need, From country casual to sleek and modern and literally everything in between. Gorgeous countertops, unique backsplashes, and statement lighting etc., we're coming for you.

We also offers a wide range of kitchen services in Auckland such as kitchen refurbishment service, kitchen demolition services and kitchen design services. Contact us now to talk to our friendly staff.