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Things must know for Minor dwelling builders in Auckland

Looking for a minor dwelling building service? Want to build a minor dwelling for more space?

In NZ, it is legal to build a minor dwelling in your property land. However, you need to follow the rules in Auckland for a minor dwelling. A minor dwelling must not be larger than 60 or 65 square meters, depending on the site, with the maximum habitable area not exceeding 65 square meters for it to be considered a minor dwelling. Auckland Council also requires smoke alarms must be installed in sleeping areas, or within 3m of sleeping areas so it can be heard effectively.

It could be an office space to still work from home and have a dedicated workspace. It could be the extra bedroom for your teen, a guest room, a gym, your art or photo studio, or just another great way to add value to your property.

What requirements need to be in the minor dwelling?

The minor dwelling is different from the dwelling so the standard will be lower than the principal dwelling. Different right and restriction apply to minor dwelling because it depends on the functions of the principal dwelling, like a shared driveway.

To build a minor dwelling, it must contain a kitchen and designed for resident use. When the requirements are not meet, it is not a minor dwelling. Another requirement is it must be built beside the principal dwelling, without the principal dwelling, it is stated as an illegal building.

These areas are means to be built different and while planning a minor dwelling is best to consult with experienced designers that can give you the best plan on how the process goes. The designer will listen to your purpose of using and your ideal style and draw a suitable minor dwelling floor plan. Normally, the designer will have their minor dwelling builders in Auckland that work together. Another way is you can find the Auckland council to ask for their advice in building a minor dwelling.

How do know if you build safety?

The best solution is to find trustable minor dwelling builders. Most owners want to save cost by DIY themselves, but it is not recommended because they don’t have professional knowledge about the building structure Although it does not need the council permission to build, the DIYs minor dwelling is controlled strictly to reduce the risk of collapse They may know the basic from the internet guide but it is not sufficient for them to conduct a safe minor dwelling. 

Auckland Council recommends using the services of trained, licensed building practitioners, when in doubt. A professional can provide a guarantee for quality building work and ensure safety. 

We can help you to meet all the regulations for minor dwellings required in your area, assessing your section and advising you of any issues such as slopes or flooding potential.