New Zealand home design

New Zealand Interior Design Trends

New Zealand’s housing crisis is a never-ending story. New Zealand house prices are among the most unaffordable in the world, with Auckland the seventh most expensive city to buy a home, and all three major cities considered “severely unaffordable” by the latest Demographia international housing affordability survey. What is the future of interior design in Auckland? Is tiny house as a housing crisis solution for New Zealand? For some people, a tiny house is the only home they will ever afford to own.

The Tiny House movement has gripped kiwi, has fallen on fertile soil in New Zealand, thanks to our national housing crisis and also thanks to a greater environmental awareness and willingness to reduce our carbon footprint. It make changed of New Zealand home design. As a interior design companies in Auckland, we must know the trend and make an affort on the design ideas of a tiny house which require expertly engineered interiors. When space is at a premium, you can’t afford to be wasteful.

Living in a tiny house can not only be fun, personal, and cozy but economically and financially friendly as well.

Consider a few types of tiny houses before you get started, if that’s got your attention.

Tiny House On Wheels

A tiny house on wheels is a great way to live portable and makes moving fairly straightforward because you just move the whole house.

There are a few things you need to consider before you decide to put your tiny house on wheels though.

What kind of trailer will you build your house on?

What are the different laws on living in a tiny house on wheels?

Where can you legally park your house?

Can your car tow your house?

Once you’ve got your answer to all of these burning questions, you can get started on the building process.

Trailer Homes

Trailer tiny homes are full of little homes built on a trailer hitched to a truck. It's a common style and has been the first to get significant media attention.

Usually the frames are made from timber because it is cost-effective and this style is typically chosen for its easy mobility.

For size it is not sacrificing any conventional home comforts. It is a small, easy way of living.

Cob Houses

clay, straw, and sand are used to build Cob houses.You would think that this wouldn’t make for a very durable home, but it does. Most cob houses can stand for a lifetime if taken proper care of.

There are some of these structures that have been standing around for over 500 years. Its all a matter of having the right roofing that won’t allow too much moisture to get in.

Vardo Tiny Houses


In case you’re living alone and going for super little,then there is nothing better than living in a wagon.Vardos were traditionally horse-drawn and covered in ornate designs and have rich color schemes. Today they are made to be pulled by vehicles and rounded at the top which helps maximize its space. This design is great to withstand strong winds.

Bus Conversions

This may appear like an off the wall idea, but many folks are changing over to utilizing buses as legit tiny houses.

You will get sufficient space for your rooms once you get all the seats out.It also has lots of natural light only if the walls are lined with windows.

See-through coverings help to cover some of the windows that way you can get privacy and light. If you feel like it, you can also keep some of the benches around as pieces of functional furniture.

Shipping Container Homes

A shipping container home is a type of residence that are made of strong weathering steel shipping containers. These huge reusable containers are typically used to store and transport goods globally. These types of homes are advantageous for the following reasons. 

They are firstly more cost-effective compared to a traditional home as they require lesser building materials. 

Secondly, they are durable. A durable shipping container home would be able to withstand different weather conditions just like a traditional house.

Finally, they are modular too. Shipping container homes are simple to modify. Hence, building a home with a mixture of multiple containers to customise to the owner’s needs are possible.

Silos Homes

Old silos, which are typically used in agriculture to store grain, can be converted into tiny homes. They tend to more eco-friendly, minimalistic but beautiful due to the architectural structure of a curved silo.

Though they might appear dull and plain from the outside, they have the potential to look stylish in the inside. This is because they can be renovated to be creative living spaces that protrude light and airy aspects.

Many Types Of Tiny Houses

There are many types of tiny houses, all of them comfortable, all of them affordable. There are many more designs where these came from. Search around for the best design for you.

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