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Types of Painting Services in Auckland

Professionals Painters in Auckland offering first-rate service. Does the thought of your next painting project seem like an uphill struggle? You have no clue 
where to even start? Do you keep delaying the project start date? Whether you need a painter in your surrounding areas, we have you covered.

Commercial Painter Contractor

HD Contractor Limited are specialist in commercial painting in Auckland and has the painting solution for any size commercial painting jobs - from a single unit, to large commercial buildings. We offer a variety of commercial painting services in Singapore from new complex to painting an old building.

The team of commercial painters at HD Contractor Limited treats every commercial client as our most important client and we want to build a long term relationship. Our commercial painter in Auckland are fully trained and up to date with OHS policies.

House Painting

We are a professional house painting business and not only promise beautiful results from our house painters, we promise a carefree residential painting experience.

When we prepare for interior or exterior painting, new or repaint, our residential painters make sure all surfaces have been cleaned. Our house painters make sure that cracks are filled, holes are repaired, surfaces are sanded and bare surfaces have been primed. Before any paint is applied, all surfaces that need to be covered are covered with paper, tape, plastic or drop cloths. When your paint job has been finished by our house painters, all personal objects and furniture that have been moved, will be returned to their original places.

All debris will be removed, carpets vacuumed, surfaces cleaned. The exterior or interior of the building will be returned to its original state by our professional residential painters. The only difference will be that the building will have been expertly painted by our professional house painters.

Industrial Painting

We will provide you with the confidence that your industrial painting job in Auckland will be done to the highest levels of your expectations. When we handle your industrial painting project, our quality, services, safety, on-time performance and genuine economic value are assured. Our industrial painting services are ever-expanding, and our team of industrial painters look forward to providing novel, efficient, and safe solutions to new and unique industrial painting and coating projects.

Hospitality Painting Services

Our team can work out the most suitable painting schedule so that zero to very minimal disruptions will affect your guests stay. Working room by room or section by section means you can maintain your steady customer flow and business as normal. We can use low odour coatings and work flexible hours to have minimal impact on your business.

Restaurants and cafes - It is important to have a moisture resistant coat in your restaurant kitchen as all the steam and heat and grease makes the paint easily to peel. Also a highly washable and durable coat makes it easier to wash off the grease. Delicate Painting protects all your kitchen surfaces with protective plastic or clean drop sheets as we know how harmful any pieces of construction waste might do if it’s found in the food. We can use low odour coatings and work flexible hours to so it will have minimal impact to your business.


Dedicated to Service & Quality

We’re dedicated to providing the best customer service to all our customers, which is why we offer painting quotes and advice in a timely manner. In addition to ensuring our customers understand the painting process; we use only the best painting options and finishes.

We have an excellent reputation in the industry. Unlike other painting companies, we’re committed to using the highest quality paints and we also use environmentally friendly paints.

If you're looking for affordable painting services in Auckland to get your tasks completed, give our friendly team a call at +64 092641559. We also offer a professional and efficient joinery specialistbuilding contractorcabinet makers, commercial office fit out and interior design company in Auckland, call us now.