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Renovation Work in Auckland

We can deliver any home improvement and home refurbishment projects including loft conversions and kitchen extension services with meticulous precision to ensure that the proposed design satisfies the demanding needs of your style and aspirations.  No matter what we do, we strive to preserve the privacy and security of your home. We complete our job with minimal disruption and ensure to install all needed safety measures to make the process exceptionally stress free.

The committed team at HD Contractors Limited always completes the job within the pre-scheduled deadline and minimizes the unexpected expenses associated with the construction process. Prior to the job, we accurately evaluate the exact requirements of the client, inspect the site appropriately, and prepare an all-inclusive, detailed quote that helps to cut down unanticipated expenses.

We provide you with an added bonus of a flexible site evaluation and prompt customer service at all times. We endeavour to take the time to listen to your needs and suggest the most viable solution that meets the highest possible standards.

Our builders are extensively experienced and that’s why we are able to understand the complexities and potential issues that could occur as part of any full house renovation, loft conversion or kitchen extension project.




Structural design:  if you are changing the layout of your house, structural design can be necessary. If you want to remove a load bearing wall or create roof lights, structural works are required. we have in-house structural engineers assigned to each house renovation work. We optimise and combine layout and interior design with the structural elements. This way you achieve maximum gain in terms of space, light, appearance and costs from your home renovation in New Zealand.

Interior and architectural design:  for your house refurbishment you want to use all the space efficiently. The shape of the rooms is important. The position of each room towards incoming sun light must be considered as well. Having enough storage space and a utility room, for example, are important aspects when planning a house renovation. The layout and orientation of the kitchen and even the choice of colours and materials can make a big difference for a successful home refurbishment. we work with the best architects and interior designers in New Zealnd to provide their services to our clients at very competitive prices.

Finishes and materials:  beyond structural and layout alterations, it’s all about finishes when refurbishing a house. Tiles and sanitaryware for the bathroom make a difference to make  a stunning new space. The choice of materials, appliances, tiles and worktop for the kitchen is paramount make a new space that’s enjoyable and practical. Windows, doors and other joinery items are important features for a new look and feel of a renovated space. We  supply  our clients with the best materials and finishes, directly from the best manufacturers at competitive prices.



Construction:  sometimes a house renovation requires structural and construction work. In HD Contractor Limited, we will do the building contractor for this stage, with experience in installing structural elements. When creating or refurbishing walls, ceilings and flooring, we always have experienced people on site.

Finishing and decoration:  experienced tilers, plasterers, painters, carpenters, joiners and decorators in general are as important as the choice of materials. Finishing is very visible every day in a renovated place and really makes a difference for the satisfaction of our clients. Our workers are chosen from past projects, after evaluating their work on past projects of the same type.

Project management: refurbishment works can be disruptive for the life of our clients. The experience during the works is as important as the final results. We always appoints a dedicated project manager to each project. Our project managers have extensive experience in house renovations in New Zealand.



Finishing is the most visible aspect of a house renovation and makes a big difference in the overall happiness after a big refurbishment project. HD Contractor Limited has a special attention to finishing details, both in choosing materials and in installation. We provide high quality finishing and materials at extremely competitive prices.

Finishes:  when choosing other finishes like windows, doors, wooden flooring, radiators, light fittings etc We can help you find the right products for you, if you don’t have a preferred supplier. We are also happy to use your chosen finishes suppliers.

Installation:  even the best finishes will look average if not installed properly. In all our renovation projects we always employ the best installers for stunning results.

We pride ourselves on offering every single customer the highest quality service at every step of the way. Right from the get-go we’ll be doing everything we can to make sure that renovation work is a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Our professional team of renovators is highly experienced and fully qualified. We’re also incredibly passionate about what we do, and will work hard from start to finish to ensure that your renovation exceeds every expectation. 

We also provide kitchen renovation service, kitchen demolition services, kitchen refurbishment service, and general handyman repair and maintenance services in Auckland.