small home designs nz

5 tips for small home designs nz interior

Feeling hard to design a small house? We can help you with it. We have many different plans and a senior designer that can give you a suggestion when you are confused. It is not easy to design a house especially a small house. 

The key worry is the storage place, people might be worried the house is too small, can’t make the house looks pretty. Let us share some tips with you.

  • Use larger window together with the light to make the house bright. It has the functions of making the house looks big.
  • Use larger mirror to reflect your house to make it looks more spacious.
  • find a designer to design creative features to store stuff.
  • Maximize your room arrangement by find furniture that can have multiple use ways. Sofa-bed is a good choice.
  • Float a Selection of Furniture like sofa, chair, cabinet. This is to create a kind of pool of open flooring in the middle.

What can consider as a small house?

There are a few options if you are considered getting a small house in NZ. Finding a small house is not hard in NZ as many regions provide service like rent or sell the small house to clients. 

Let’s show some of the small houses

In recent years, some properties companies have specially built an apartment for a single person. The structure is much smaller than the house.

Tiny house
A “tiny house” usually has a floor area of 46 square meters or less, with many built on trailers. You can choose a tiny house if you are planning to stay alone, else you can go for a plan for two people. The designer will listen to your requirements and design your tiny house.

Container homes
The potential for recycled shipping containers to become raw building materials has entered the mainstream, with containers showing up all over the place as garden sheds and storage units. Unlike cramped tiny homes on wheels, or cabins lined with “fridge panels” all of our designs are built to be spaces, low maintenance and durable light-filled spaces.
how can you design your house with limited space?

Why us?

We provide you with the best small design plan and designer that give you the best experiences. Small house design also can have many styles to choose from, all you need to do is contact us, tell us what is your ideal home style.