wall painting design

Wall painting design process & Tips

Start to getting bored from looking at the same wall again? 

Time to find a new wall design! We provide an excellent wall painting service and plenty of wall painting design for you to choose from. Leave the work to us and you will be surprised when you see it again. Besides interior painting, we also provide exterior painting service include the fence, gateway.

How we start the process? 

We will visit you on-site to get a detail to inform you of the conditional, to check if there is any damage or need to remove the dry paint substances. Then we will have a short design about the wall painting design like texture, color, shade or stencil. The important part is to tell us what is the feeling you want to feel after you see the painting.

A small tip for you to know how to choose the color. Many people do not know what color they want at the beginning, wanted to paint the most popular one. However, it is not a good idea to follow blindly. The color contributes to the atmosphere in the house style. If you did not choose well, it causes a scary consequence.

How to choose the right color? 

The area is critical!

It is very important to know where to paint. For example, when selecting a bedroom paint colors, the first thing to consider is temperature. While warm colors advance toward the eye and appear more active, creating a stimulating. By keeping things neutral, you avoid trends. Normally, we recommend bright color for the bedroom to show peace, so people will feel better while in sleep.

Style of your house

Be considered your house style. Do not paint a color that disrupts the style. All the style have its color that suits it. For example, a Scandinavian style is simply white and grey. It cant be yellow or pink. it will destroy the style and make the house look so funny. We will recommend dark color for Scandinavian styles, like air force, Carolina. Even a blue color can have many types. There are thousands of color to choose from.

Besides choosing the right color, it is very important to do the design in painting. The painter in Auckland will apply different layer while in painting. The layer is a very small detail but it is compelling as it brings out the beautiful color mixed. Thinking about what you want your house to look like? subtle and soothing look, elegant look, vibrant look?

With a little paint and a lot of imagination, you can easily change the look and feel of a room. Look for highlights of your rooms and think of ways to make them stand out, present the feeling you want the house to show.

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